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Saturday 23 February 2013

Réalisations au sein de

Voici quelques applications réalisées au sein de : 

Omega Digital Sales Force Tool - Application d'aide à la vente

Omega Digital Sales Force Tool

Pictet Funds - IPad and Android App

Candide, l'édition enrichie - Livre numérique et contenu additionnel

Candide iPad

Thursday 14 June 2012

De Saison - application incontournable du printemps

Le journal suisse 24heures a sélectionné l'application De Saison pour sa liste d'application incontournables du printemps:
Téléchargez là dès aujourd'hui:  Name that song Lite - Slecorne

Wednesday 12 October 2011

New Release Tune Buster iOS 5

 A new release is available from today on ITunes for Tune Buster and Tune Buster Lite. It fixes many issues reported by users regarding problems gathering songs from the IPod library and some potential crash. Furthermore, this new release has been tested and validated on iOS 5.

Get the new 2.5 version today: Tune Buster or Tune Buster Lite

Wednesday 1 June 2011

App Name Contest Winner

Bronze_trophy.png And the Winning Name is:

  • Tune Buster (Song test) on ITunes
  • Tune Buster on SpringBoard

The winners are Ziocleto for suggesting Tune Busters and MochiBits for Song test. They share the 50$ reward.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

App Name Contest - 50$ price [Ended]


Following my post App Name: Impact on AppStore Sales, I decided to change back the name of my game to hope a boost in sales.

A contest is open to anyone having suggestion for a great new name to replace "WhoSingIt Game".

Please read the post above and check the application description before suggesting names.


  • name SHOULD NOT exist on ITunes for another IPhone/IPad application
  • name SHOULD NOT be close or similar to a registered trademark
  • name should be representative of the application content
  • name should be posted in comments of this article
  • the person proposing the name which will be chosen will be rewarded by a 50$ Price on Paypal account


Soumettez le prochain nom pour Name That Song et remportez 50$ sur votre compte PayPal

  • le nom ne doit pas être utilisé sur l'App Store
  • le nom ne doit pas être enregistré comme marque ou nom déposé
  • le nom doit être proposé dans les commentaires ci-dessous

Saturday 14 May 2011

App Name: Impact on AppStore Sales

Impact of change of Name on AppStore downloads.

As some users may have noticed, "Name That Song" game was changed to "WhoSingIt Game" at the end of march. This change had some strong effect on App Download (for free version) and sales (for paid version). I thought it could be interesting to share some statistics and information about it. This may be useful for some IPhone/IPad developers.

Continue reading...

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Name That Song: pick your favorite playlist to play

 Name That Song Icon
Following some users request, you can now choose your favorite playlist to play with "Name That Song". Discover a specific artist by choosing his song, play with your best playlists, or your whole iPod Library, the choice is yours! 
Enjoy new challenging games.
Do not hesitate to request some new features to be added in future release.

Monday 6 December 2010

De Saison Free today

Today in collaboration with, De Saison is free. Be quick, this offer will expire tomorrow! 
Name that song Lite - Slecorne

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Half Million Downloads for Name That Song!

Today the lite version of Name That Song reached more than 500 000 downloads!

Thank you for this great success.

  Name that song Lite - Slecorne

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Sélection Bookapp du mois

Inauguration d'un nouveau billet mensuel présentant une sélection de bookapp. Les Bookapps sont des "livres-applications" pour iPhone et iPad enrichis pour utiliser l'interactivité. Solution développée par Ozwe, société avec laquelle je collabore.
  • Via Alpina HD: Dans ce livre, Vincent Tornay évoque son périple à pied de 119  jours de Trieste à Monaco, sur la fameuse Via Alpina. Il y présente également 13  massifs des Alpes en autant de chapitres. 
  •    Via Alpina HD - Ozwe 
  • Chroniques caissières:Ce livre n’est pas une étude concernant les caissières, mais la mise en scène fictive, sous formes de chroniques à la fois comiques, ironiques et tendres, de leur univers et de leur vie au quotidien.
  •   Chroniques caissières - Ozwe 
  • CANNABIS.CH - Aspects ethnotoxicologiques du chanvre en Suisse
  •   CANNABIS.CH - Aspects ethnotoxicologiques du chanvre en Suisse - Ozwe

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